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What makes Mo-Hoganys’ Dream Cream products different from everything else I’ve tried?

If you’re dealing with chronic/long term pain, then chances are, like me, you’ve “tried it all!” Because of my own personal struggle to find relief without affecting my mind and body, I turned to nature! It took 4 long years to create this product, but believe me, the results are worth it!
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                    Thank you for your interest in Mos’ Dream Cream.

Due to a serious bout of bacterial meningitis, I endured a fever of 106 for a week. This caused extensive damage to my muscles and nervous system, leaving me with Erythromyalgia (a severe neuropathy) and generalized Dystonia (muscle spasms with paralysis).

Overnight my life changed and I became wheelchair dependant with excruciating pain 24/7. After years of harsh pain medicines including morphine and methadone, I finally drew the line. Having studied some Ayurveda therapy years before my illness, I decided to begin the journey of finding a way to successfully manage my pain without affecting my mind and enduring harsh side effects. For the next 4 years I studied apothecary and Chinese Herbology. During this time, I found that cayenne has the ability, when correctly formulated, to dramatically slow the bodys’ ability to create a chemical called Substance P. This chemical transmits pain messages from nerves to neurons. This was breakthrough information for me as I was no longer able to create beta-endorphins to help my body fight pain.

By fermenting the cayenne, I was able to successfully accomplish this in a capsaicin paste that, when combined with the special apothecary blend of clove, wintergreen, orange and tangerine essential oils (a blend that naturally deadens nerve endings by overstimulation), I was able to stop even severe nerve pain and muscle spasms in under a minute – with a longevity of 8-10 hours! Joint pain such as arthritis, pulled/torn muscles & tendonitis pain relief is achieved in about 5 minutes, generally lasting 6-8 hours.

This is not a healing lotion. I still deal with the effects of Erythromyalgia and Dystonia. Rather, this is a very effective, all natural pain relieving lotion. It has made possible for me and many others, a more active lifestyle with controlled and effective pain management without the use of narcotics. I welcome you to try Mos’ Dream Cream for yourself! I truly believe that a body in motion stays in motion - finding a way to naturally help myself has changed my life, but sharing this with others has given me a sense of fulfillment! If you have any questions, please call/text me at 541/707-0998 or email at

Best regards!

Keri Anderson